Complete IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing
Are you a business owner?
In today’s fast moving environment we all understand the importance of Technology for our business success.

We enable small & medium business owners to focus on their business and leave their technology problems for us to manage.

We offer “Complete IT Outsourcing “, it:

Technology Processes
Technology People
Technology Vendor Management
Technology Systems and Solutions & much more…

We work close to your management team and work towards achieving your organization goals. Our services are affordable to most small & medium businesses and we ensure high Return on Investment for all technology investments.


It is as difficult to have good training processes as it is to have recruitment and team processes.

Statutory compliance
Software services companies provide engineers on contract at low rates by cutting employee benefits, cutting corners on statutory compliance, etc to remain competitive. We do not compete for the least expensive rates, but we ensure that we provide all employee benefits.

T&M Teams

T&M teams are engagements where the customer interacts with our team at the level of task lists. Our team has senior tech leads or project managers who manage

Task assignment to individual team members
Tracking task list and status of each task
Managing availability of officers, sanctioning leave, temporary replacements, etc
Technical challenges in the tasks, e.g. how to get XYZ module to work in environment In this model of engagement, the customer holds us responsible for completion of tasks as per pre-decided priorities. Some of our T&M customers also apply for work quality and timeliness of task delivery, etc. In this model, if one of our engineers wants leave, he contacts our manager and in some cases we arrange a replacement engineer to fill in. This model works better with customers who have their own mature processes for software task management and delivery.

Staff Augmentation Teams

In this model, the customer keeps track of task lists, assigning of specific tasks to specific engineers, tracking progress of each task, etc. In this model, our engineers work more closely like employees of our customer organisation.

This model works better with more unstructured work environments, where the customer does not have the opportunity to drive his work through task lists.

We offer Complete IT Outsourcing

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